Fantasy Bezel - Wireworking

How many times have you found a 'non-bead' (a stone, piece of glass, an undrilled crystal etc) and wished you could make it into a unique pendant?

Now you can, and in a spectacular fashion!

This workshop will teach you how to make an amazing Sterling silver wire bezel, which you can sprinkle with silver beads, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and tiny silver coils, as the fancy takes you.

Although your centrepiece will be different from the ones in the photos, it will be just as beautiful when you've finished.

This is a fairly intensive workshop and some previous wireworking experience would help, but is not essential. Even a complete beginner can make this!

This 7-hourworkshop includes:

The all-inclusive fee is-

£125.00 per person

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fantasy wire bezel
'Agate' Fantasy Bezel


fantasy wire bezel
'Sea Treasures' Fantasy Bezel