Restoration Terms of Business

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Collection and Delivery

Generally clients are themselves responsible for delivery and collection of their items to our Studio, for both assessment and treatment. However, we can arrange to collect and deliver items countrywide for a small charge, either personally or via our trusted carrier, dependant on location. Please contact us for details (see also the section on insurance). Local collection and delivery costs (within a 50 mile radius) are usually built into the final fee. We are also happy to work onsite, where the object is too large, heavy or delicate to be moved or is fixed in situ.


Unicorn Studios, its owner and co-workers are not responsible for insuring any client objects for any risk whatsoever whilst on our premises, as we are not appraisers and cannot value items. The client is advised to take out suitable insurance if required, although many home contents policies extend their cover automatically to cover this type of instance. It is advised that you check with your insurer. If the object is returned to the client by courier or post and the client requires the object to be insured for the journey, the client must provide a written valuation themselves and the insurance charges imposed by the carrier will be charged to the client.


Deposits are sometimes required, usually on higher-value work or where expensive materials (e.g gold leaf etc) are used. The deposit will usually be a minimum of £100 and is payable when we accept the object for treatment. The deposit is deducted from the final total.

Payment of the fee balance is required on collection of the object. Payment can be made by cash or debit card. Credit card payments can also be taken but we regretfully have to apply an extra charge of 3% to cover card company charges to us. Unfortunately, we no longer accept cheques.

If you have sent us your object by post or courier, we will email pictures of the finished work to you for approval. Once you are happy with the work, payment can be made by BACS (preferred) or debit card over the phone and will include shipping charges. Credit card payments are as in the paragraph above. No object will be returned until payment is made and cleared to our bank.

If the fee remains unpaid for more than 15 days following notification of completion (unless by prior agreement), we reserve the right to add an amount for storage and further expenses.

If any fees remain unpaid for a period of 60 days from notification of completion, we reserve the right (after giving 14 days notice to the client) to sell the object or objects through a reputable auction house. After deducting our fee, the selling fees and accrued interest and administrative costs, we will pay any remaining balance to the client.

In the event that we have received no communication at all from the client during this period, every effort will be made to contact them by recorded delivery letter to their address. If this fails, we reserve the right to dispose of the object and/or any sale proceeds as we think fit.

Ongoing care of the object

The client is strongly advised to follow any guidelines we may issue for the care and treatment of an object when it returns home. If these guidelines are not followed, then the appearance and/or condition of the object may deteriorate and we will not be held liable for such deterioration.