Obviously, nothing beats a close inspection of the object when it comes to assessment of treatment and estimating the costs involved.

However, we can often give a very broad idea from a good-quality digital photograph, or series of photographs, which show the damage in detail. From this we may be able to give a basic opinion as to whether the object is restorable.

You can email these to us and we will reply as soon as possible. This service is free.

To give a more detailed and accurate assessment, including any estimate of cost, we must thoroughly inspect the object and may need to carry out some investigative testing to assess the extent of the restoration required, the materials which may be needed and the timescale involved. This may take several days in some cases, but is essential in order to produce a treatment plan and accurate estimate.

There may be a small charge for an in-depth and written assessment, which is payable when the object is left with us. The amount is deductable from any further treatment charges, or indeed may cover all of the cost if the restoration is very minor.

We do not give fixed quotes for treatments; our estimates consist of a minimum price and a maximum price. The final cost will not be less than the minimum amount and, under normal circumstances, will not be more than the maximum amount. In practice, it's usually somewhere between the two amounts given.

However, very occasionally the process of preparing the object for restoration may reveal previously hidden serious problems which can raise the final cost significantly. In this case we will inform you and you can decide if you wish us to proceed, halt the treatment or arrange for staged treatment and payments.

We will never present you with a higher amount to pay than you were expecting.