Conservation or Restoration?

There is often some confusion over the differences between conservation and restoration.

Generally, conservation is the practice of preserving what remains of an object and taking steps to slow its deterioration as much as possible. Restoration often involves replacing missing or broken parts and retouching repairs to match the original.

For qualified conservators, these two disciplines go hand-in-hand. In all cases, strict professional ethics apply - any treatments used have to do no damage to the object and must be as reversible as possible.

These are the ethics we apply to every object we care for.

All materials employed are museum and conservation grade and we are university trained and qualified in their use.

An object doesn't need to be monetarily valuable or old to be worthy of professional restoration. If it's precious to you, that's all that counts.

We can care for a very wide range of objects and materials including:

  • Glass and Stained Glass of all types
  • Internal decorative architectural restoration
  • Ceramics of all types
  • Plaster and resin
  • Wood and wood surface finishes
  • Teddy bears and dolls
  • Bone and ivory
  • Metals of all types including spelter
  • Oil and acrylic paintings
  • Leatherwork
  • Gilded frames and objects
  • Traditional upholstery
  • Chair caning and rushing
  • Textiles, embroideries and tapestries

We are approved restorers for :

Complex objects composed of more than one material are a speciality, as are gold-leaf gilding; re-upholstery and chair re-caning/rushing, using traditional materials and techniques.

We undertake work for private clients, antique businesses, museums, churches and public collections. Fees are reasonable, and detailed estimates and records of treatment are always provided.

Although based in Lincoln  UK, we provide a very competitively priced complete nationwide service, including personal collection and delivery or shipping using our tried and trusted couriers, who are very experienced in the handling of delicate items and whose charges are extremely reasonable. 

pig figure before and after restoration Both ears were missing and needed remodelling and retouching

Hover over the pictures to see before and after images

gilded frame before and after restoration
This gilded frame was sympathetically restored


badly damaged snuffbox before and after restoration
Extensively damaged, this porcelain over copper snuffbox was restored and retouched

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