About Us

Unicorn Studios has been working from St Johns' Workshops in Lincoln since 2005 and has expanded over time to encompass several, quite different, elements.

Unicorn Studios
Unicorn Studios is housed in this
Grade ll listed building

Unicorn Conservation and Restoration was the first to be set up in Studio 4, providing clients with University trained and qualified care for their damaged objects, old and valuable or not.

We restore a very wide variety of materials and objects and are recommended restorers for several well-known ceramic and model companies.

In 2007 a second workshop on the same site was added to the business, specifically to handle work on ceramics, glass and 'clean' processes, leaving the original workshop purely for woodwork, upholstery and other potentially dusty or messy jobs.

During this time, craft and restoration classes were also taught in both of the workshops, but their increasing popularity indicated that a separate teaching space was needed.

teaching room
The teaching studio

So in 2012, Unicorn Craft School was opened in Studio 6 upstairs. This light and airy room gives us space for up to 12 students at a time (depending on the subject) and is perfect for all our teaching needs.

In 2015 we had another change to the workshops. Finding that it was inconvenient to have three separate rooms, we moved the 'clean' room upstairs to utilise a large space beyond the teaching room. This has streamlined our work significantly and provides a more comfortable and pleasant space for clients to sit and discuss their objects.

We've also introduced a retail section to the business - Unicorn Antiques and Collectibles - which sells interesting bits and pieces online on our Facebook page and also at a number of country fairs and antique markets throughout the year. Keep an eye on our FB page for details of these too.

We're planning to offer bigger pieces for sale on this website soon, so please keep checking back!!